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Missed a call from us?

01793 680405

Who we are...

We work with a variety of clients in different industries to help them evaluate the service that you have been provided with.  Most of the work we do is in the housing industry, so if you have recently moved into a new home, we are most likely contacting you about your experience with the house-builder, housing association or local authority that you purchased or rent your home from.

We do also work within some other industries, so the call may be about another recent purchase that you have made.

When we call, the professional researcher will tell you whom they are calling on behalf of and how long the call is likely to take.  If it is not convenient, you can ask for a call back appointment to suit you.  If you do not wish to be contacted, just let the researcher know and they will remove your details from our database.

All of our calls display the phone number 01793 680405. Some international calls may also be made from our London number 0204 585 0665.  You can read our data privacy policy here.

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