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Gleeson Homes

When James Thomson joined Gleeson Homes, his motto for the business was, “We have moral duty to do right by our customers”. His directive was to bring about positive change across Gleeson Homes from Health & Safety to the Customer Experience and everything in between. Gleeson Homes had strong growth plans and needed a way to ensure they continued with their growth in a sustainable way that maintained an eagle focus on the things that mattered.

In-house Research was first introduced to Gleeson Homes in late 2019 by Mark Knight, Managing Director, and Amy Wright, Head of Customer Relations, both industry veterans with previous experience working with In-house Research. Knowing In-house’s reputation and the power of the voice of the customer in driving transformational change, they worked with In-house to introduce customer feedback into the culture of the business.

In-house recommended its tried and tested approach to customer satisfaction research and implemented the strategy within six weeks of the original enquiry, and results followed shortly after.

Market Research

“Lots of research companies just want a number or yes/no responses, but In-house Research is different. They have conversations with our customers and capture stories.”

"This makes a significant difference and means we can measure the improvements in our customer journey over time which is far more powerful than just a statistical result."


The industry benchmark produced by In-house Research supported Gleeson Homes by offering insights on wider industry trends and performances to be able to identify weaknesses and strengths.

Within six months, the insights obtained by In-house Research quickly identified the weak areas for the business, both in terms of process and service delivery alongside the regional areas in which the business operates. From identifying these, Gleeson Homes engaged with In-house’s Client Liaison team to work with the regional teams to better understand why customers felt the service was lacking and what they could do better.

"The power that the In-house data provides is evident in the transformation that Gleeson has undergone."


    • MJ Gleeson has over 100 years of construction experience
    • The company wad founded in Sheffield and floated on the LSE in the 1960’s
    • Gleeson Homes is currently the fastest growing listed housebuilder in the UK



    • To spark a cultural change and put the customer at the heart of the business
    • To change lives by building affordable, quality homes. Where they are needed, for the people who need them most.
    • To promote their reputation as a passionate, collaborative and respectful business to all stakeholders. Employees, subcontractors, customers and investors.


    • Telephone customer satisfaction surveys
    • Online reporting throughout the business
    • Real-time survey call reports
    • Presentations to divisional and regional management teams
    • One-to-one sessions with senior management to discuss survey strategy and key stories


    • Customer recommendation scores have improved from 76% to over 92% within 18 months
    • Gleeson Homes were awarded the In-house ‘Gold’ award for customer satisfaction
    • Positive feedback from employees on customer satisfaction in employee engagement research
    • Gleeson Homes now have a clear vision for the future, fuelled by accurate and powerful customer stories


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