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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 felt rather special at In-house Research Ltd. It was a week filled with simple activities which fostered a gentle buzz amongst the team.

Our activities included yoga (led by Jayne, who's living a double life as a member of the TRU and a certified yoga instructor), group art, breaktime chocolate, PJ day, daily motivation quotes, question of the day, letters home with kind comments from our colleagues, a professional massage and a huge picnic to end the week!

The aim was to encourage everyone to look for at least one positive a day, experience ways to de-stress, see the good qualities in themselves that our colleagues see in them, and to promote a supportive environment. 

The result was an uplifting week! The Teams chat set up specifically for Mental Health Awareness Week meant that colleagues got to know each other a little better, it was especially nice hearing from those who mainly work from home - finding out what everyone is looking forward to this year, what are we grateful for, who inspires us, sharing a boring fact about ourselves (who needs the pressure of trying to be interesting!), and what has made us smile this week. We now know where people are off to on holiday, who has a strict laundry rotation and who likes to eat raw pastry!

The In-house 'Picture of Positivity' was an opportunity for everyone to add a little something whether that be a doodle, a drawing or words. Seeing this evolve as the page filled up throughout the week was a joy, a picture truly unique to the team and a little insight into people's minds.

The yoga session was led by one of our very own which took many by surprise. The team joined in through Teams and in the office. Jayne did magnificently and everyone finished the session feeling relaxed and hoping that there may be another one some day!

Team participating in yoga

Perhaps the most heart-warming part of the week was when we all received post to our home addresses, with a letter containing 'one nice thing' that each of our colleagues had said about us. It's hard to view yourself as others see you, or at times, hard for some to recognise their own talents, so to see it written down with time to re-read and digest those comments made for a comforting and reflective moment for many - it brought many smiles and there may have been the odd tear or two!

The week came to together with a bang on Friday. In addition to the daily motivational quote and question of the day, we had the lovely Rupinder join us and deliver a 20-minute professional massage to all those that wanted one - bliss! Everyone agreed that Rupinder worked her magic and helped us to achieve a relaxing end to the week. We also had our group picnic, with everyone bringing a contribution and MJ, from the Data Team, making another of her famous cakes to share. A playlist (made from songs the team had suggested), along with a few silly rounds of Is there a carrot in your box? adding to the atmosphere.

Whilst we had an undoubtedly uplifting week with the various activities, we all recognise that Mental Health is an ongoing issue. We know that activities such as these will not solve problems, but if they can go a small way to help cement the bond in the team even further and help everyone feel more supported as a result, then the week has been a success.


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