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In-house Research recognised as an NHQB Accredited Supplier

Updated: Mar 14

In-house Research, a specialist market research company that helps businesses capture, analyse and understand customer insights, are very pleased to announce that they have been recognised by the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) as an Accredited Supplier.

Launched in 2022, the NHQB is a not-for-profit body that has developed a new framework to oversee reforms in the build quality of new homes and the customer service provided by developers.

Tom Weston, Chief Executive Officer at In-house Research comments:

“We are delighted to become an Accredited Supplier to the NHQB. As an organisation, our values are aligned in advocating customer satisfaction for all new home buyers. Buying a new home is the biggest investment that most of us will ever make in our lives, and it's alarming to note that a few years ago, consumers were better protected buying an apple from a supermarket than they were in buying a new home.”
“Our work across the industry for the last 25+ years has been to champion the customer experience. We have helped developers of all shapes and sizes learn more about customers' real experiences in buying and moving into a new home. These insights are converted into real-life applications of process improvements that have seen customer satisfaction across the industry improve ten-fold over the last two decades. That being said, customer needs and expectations are ever-evolving, and In-house helps clients with timely, in-depth research to support continuous improvement.”
“We are excited for the next chapter in housebuilding and look forward to working with the NHQB and their members, to deepen customer understanding and to help drive innovations across the sector. Our work covers research into site visitors, buying and completion experiences and long-term brand recognition and legacy performance. We achieve this through innovative research solutions that offer high response rates and intuitively designed real-time reporting methods”.

Leon Livermore, Chief Executive Officer at the NHQB, comments:

“We’re thrilled to announce In-house Research are now one of our Accredited Suppliers. Not only will they be able to boost our developers’ customer service, but we also trust they share our mission of driving up standards in the housebuilding sector; ensuring that new home buyers receive the quality and service they deserve.”

To read more about the NHQB, please go to

Notes to Editor:

In-house Research Ltd was founded in 1998 to support businesses with understanding and improving the customer experience through comprehensive and in-depth market research. In-house Research Ltd has operated an independent industry benchmark on customer satisfaction for over 25 years based on a telephone survey carried out post-legal completion. In addition, In-house offers a range of research services and methodologies to drive engagement with the customer experience and provide insights into the customer journey, alongside consultancy on best-practice and data-driven process improvements.


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